Collection: London Cosy Mysteries Book 6 - Death at Abbey Road

Abbey Road. Site of the iconic studio where The Beatles recorded, plus THAT zebra crossing. Without access to their beloved Routemaster buses, Diana and Zaf are hopeful that they can attract business to Chartwell and Crouch tours by hosting tours of the studio. And Diana has the connections to make it happen...

But then on a tour of the studio, they hear disturbing noises from a recording booth. And moments later, an old friend of Diana's is found dead.

Did they overhear a murder? If so, who wanted to kill Diana's friend, and why? And is there a connection to Chartwell and Crouch's former owner, Morris Walker?

To uncover the killer, Diana and Zaf must delve into the past of Chartwell and Crouch, determine exactly how Morris ended up in prison, and face some uncomfortable truths. All while dealing with Gus the cat's usual antics and trying to keep Chartwell and Crouch afloat.

Can they get to the truth before the killer strikes again?