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Unborn by Rachel McLean. She killed her unborn child. The punishment will fit the crime.


She killed her unborn child. The punishment will fit the crime. ‘Unborn’ is a disturbing dystopian thriller.


bear dangling from a child's hand

I’m A Big Boy Now: A Story

Matthew’s daddy gets angry sometimes. Matthew’s a big boy, like his friend Alex who looks after his baby sister. But can Matthew protect his mummy?


One Of Us is out now

One Of Us is out in paperback!

One Of Us is now available in paperback as well as ebook. Here’s the blurb: ‘Leave, or die.’ Jess Dyer has won safety for her sister-in-law Ruth and proved her worth as the leader of her refugee community. Sarah Evans has stood up to her parents and discovered who she can trust. But the villagers […]


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