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Cumbria Crime Boxset - Audiobook.

Cumbria Crime Boxset - Audiobook.

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DI Zoe Finch has a new job. New house, new boss, and new team, too. She's been persuaded to move from Birmingham to Cumbria, to head up a team investigating some of the county's most complex crimes.

But it isn't easy. Adjusting to rural life, not to mention navigating the politics of Cumbria Police, will be a challenge. And she's not sure who she can trust.

And then, her work becomes linked to that of her partner Carl, whose job it is to chase down bent coppers.

Zoe's been here before. In Birmingham, she uncovered corruption at the highest levels, and there were rumours she might be corrupt herself.

Can Zoe escape the taint of association for a second time, and bring the criminals to justice?

Find out by reading the Cumbria Crime series, all now available in one book.

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