Where shall we dump a (fictitious) body?

Where shall we dump a (fictitious) body?

Well, I have to say I wasn't expecting to kick this blog off with a post title like that! I can only hope that it doesn't end up with me being put on a list somewhere, or with this website being closed down.

In early 2025, Lesley Clarke will be returning with not just one but maybe (maybe) two new teams working for her. There will be perhaps as many as TWELVE new Dorset books.

Which means I need ideas.

Where shall we dump those bodies?

As a writer (not in real life, promise), I'm known for taking a Dorset beauty spot and dumping a body in it. But my readers often have wonderful ideas for spots that would be ideal... sometimes places you know and I don't.

So... hit me with your suggestions (not literally, please).

When DCI Lesley Clarke returns and pulls on those walking boots she hates so much, where will she be poking around? And where will poor old Gail Hansford have to attempt to erect a forensic tent.

Ideas in the comments below...

Happy reading!

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