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Where I write – and when I’m most productive

One of the important factors to being able to write fast is knowing where, and when, I’m most productive.

I keep a spreadsheet tracking when and where I write, how many words I write in each session, and what that equates to in words per hour.

It’s made me realise two things:

  • I’m more productive in the mornings.
  • I’m more productive away from my home, in coffee shops.

After realising this a few months ago, I switched my schedule. I now go out for a couple of hours every morning to write in my local coffee shop, and then come home to get on with my day job. It’s made me twice as productive as I was when I attempted to write at home, after finishing the day job.

In the last few months, I’ve been averaging 2200 words per hour. Multiply that out for a full length novel and you’ve got about 36 hours of work.

That means I have to carve out 36 hours during these nine days. I plan to spend five hours writing each weekday, plus three hours on weekends. Which makes 37 hours – tight, but just about right. I may need to add an extra hour here and there, let’s see.

And I won’t even try to write at home. As soon as my son’s at school tomorrow (Monday) I’ll be heading straight for that coffee shop (the one I’m already in today). They already know me well – good job!


If you want to follow my #novelinaweek progress, here are some links:

  • My progress page on this blog, where I’ll be updating my daily word count spreadsheet each day.
  • My rationale for doing this crazy novel in a week thing.
  • My Pinterest board with ideas and inspiration for aspects of the book.
  • The #novelinaweek hashtag
  • My Facebook Page, where I’ll be posting updates and (if I find time) maybe the occasional video showing me working hard.
  • Yesterday’s post – let writing commence!
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