Rachel McLean

Author of Twisted Realities

Thanks for reading Exile

I’m very grateful to everyone who takes the time to read and review Exile. It helps more readers see the book and gives me valuable feedback too.

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And as a thank you for being a part of my Advance Team, I’d like to send you the opening chapters of my next novel before it’s released.

My next book is a political thriller you’ll love if you enjoyed House of Cards.

Kira Sinclair is many things: loyal government minister, loving wife and devoted mother. But when a terrorist attack threatens her family, and her government responds with laws that target her Muslim husband and children, her loyalty is tested.

When her son Samir is radicalised, the state Kira was once part of becomes her enemy. She must take drastic measures to protect her family and her freedom. But will she succeed?

A House Divided is a tense thriller that explores the extreme measures governments will take to protect themselves, and their impact on one woman and her family.