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Thicker Than Water is on sale!

Thicker Than Water is on sale for the next few days for just 99p or 99c in the UK, US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

It’s now available not just on Amazon but on Kobo, iBooks and other retailers too so if you aren’t a Kindle owner, you can get a copy for your favourite e-reader. It’s still on Amazon too, so don’t worry if that’s where you buy your books.

Here’s the blurb:

Six years on, they thought they were safe…

Thicker Than Water by Rachel McLean

Floods have devastated England.

Jess has fled her London home, and made a new life in a refugee village with her brother Ben and his wife Ruth.

Scraping out an existence here on the wild North Yorkshire coast is tough, but six years on, they’re surviving.

Until Jess answers a distress call at sea, bringing strangers to their community…

And putting the entire village in danger.

When the new arrivals kidnap Ruth, Ben descends into grief. Jess must calm their community and mount a rescue mission.

But can she find Ruth before it’s too late? And what’s the connection between Ben and the kidnappers?

You’ll be gripped by Thicker Than Water, an intelligent, fast-paced thriller about family, belonging, and revenge.

Buy now for just 99p/99c – only for the next few days.

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