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Thank You!

Sea of Lies came out last week and I’m delighted to say it’s already been getting some very positive reviews.

I’ve also been having a reviews push on Thicker Than Water and that’s been well received too.

Both books went on one-day blog tours and the bloggers loved them. Getting feedback like this from voracious readers is something that makes any author feel very happy.

So today’s post is a big THANK YOU.

Thicker Than Water

Thicker Than Water currently has 52 ratings on Goodreads and 23 reviews on Amazon UK, with a 4.2 out of 5 average on Amazon.

Some of the wonderful things reviewers have been saying about it include:

“one of those books you pick up and don’t set back down until you’re finished”

Jessica Rachow, book blogger

“I read most of the book in a day, wondering if the rescue mission would be successful, and I could not rest until the missing people were found.”

Portable Magic Book Blog

“I devoured it in one day. I just couldn’t put it down.”

SandraL, Amazon 5 star review

It was wonderful to watch twitter come alight with reviews and comments on the day of the blog tour – so thank you to everyone who read and reviewed the book.

Sea of Lies

As Sea of Lies is a new release, it’s still catching up, with 27 Goodreads ratings and 11 reviews on Amazon UK. It’s got a 4.4 average which I’m really pleased with.

Reviewers have commented on the psychological aspects of the book, including the way Dawn deals with abuse from her violent husband Ted, and Sarah’s growth during the course of the book as she finds the courage to stand up to her parents and work out whether she can trust Martin.

What I found most interesting is that readers seem to be divided on some of the characters and whether they’re sympathetic. Some readers were rooting for Dawn, others found her zealotry too much. One reviewer loved Bill, a character I have to admit I didn’t put much thought into.

But everyone hated Ted!

Here are just some of the reviews the book has been getting:

“it’s a gritty, pacy read, that has just the right amount of twists”

Dash Fan Book Reviews

“I furiously hated Ted. Oh man. He left me shouting at thin air, pacing my flat, and wanting to shake people. When an author can physically bring out good, and bad emotions from people, that’s when you know they’re doing something special.”

Radzy Writes book blogger

“an intelligent and provocative thriller which cleverly explores where our boundaries lie in exceptional circumstances”

karlou, 5 star Amazon review

I loved reading the reviews for Sea of Lies. To be honest, the reviewers found things in the book that I hadn’t planned – which is always gratifying.

And finally – many thanks to Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources, who organised the blog tours and is one of the biggest connectors of writers and readers that I know.

If you’ve read Thicker Than Water or Sea of Lies but haven’t left a review, I’d love it if you could. It only takes a few minutes, and reviews can really help a book to sell. Thank you!

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