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Thank You for Helping Me Achieve My Best Ever Month of Sales

A House Divided┬áhas finished its promotional push and I’m delighted to say it did really well. So a big thank you to everyone who bought it or who recommended it to friends. It got lots of shares on Facebook and I’m very grateful.

I had a Bookbub featured deal last Sunday. If you’ve never heard of Bookbub, it’s a service that sends you an email every day with a curated list of discounted books in your chosen genres. It has millions of people signed up and can make a huge difference to the success of a promotion. I was out with my family when the email hit inboxes but I couldn’t resist refreshing my Amazon page every five minutes to see how it was doing.

I made my best ever month of sales, found hundreds of new readers (welcome, if you are one of them), and was delighted to get my first bestseller badge when the book reached No 1 in the Freedom and Security chart.

It also reached No 3 in Dystopian Fiction, and was ahead of The Handmaid’s Tale and 1984 for almost two days. Those are two of my all-time favourite books so I was over the moon.

Dystopian Fiction charts - Brave New World at No 1, followed by The Fever King, A House Divided, 1984 and The Handmaid's Tale

So once again, thank you for helping to make the promotion a success. It was so gratifying to receive messages from readers saying they loved the books, and to see people sharing it with their friends.

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