Rachel McLean

– Thrillers That Make You Think

Sea of Lies (The Village Book 2)


He abducted her. He fell in love with her. He helped her escape. Can she trust him?

A chilling psychological thriller about secrets and trust. Book 2 in the Village trilogy.


He abducted her…
He fell in love with her…
He helped her escape…
Can she trust him?

Sarah has returned home after being kidnapped and held in a dilapidated farmhouse by a group of men.

With her is Martin, who turned against the other men to help her escape. He says he’s not like them, and claims to be in love with her.

Can Sarah trust Martin? Does she share his feelings?

Or should she listen to her father, himself deceitful and abusive, and turn her back on the relationship?

Sea of Lies is a chilling and twisty psychological thriller about secrets, trust, and a family falling apart.

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