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#novelinaweek – let writing commence!

And they’re off!

If you’re reading this as it’s published, I’m currently sitting in my local coffee, shop, fingers flying across the keyboard, making a start on my #novelinaweek.

Over the next nine days (I get the weekends either side), I plan to write the first draft of the first novel in a new series. The book is called Murder in the Multiverse, and it stars Detective Sergeant Alex Strand, who’s on track to become London Metropolitan Police’s youngest and geekiest Detective Inspector.

But when a murder in a riverside flat proves insoluble, she’s recruited to the top secret Multiverse Investigations Unit, hidden in the bowels of New Scotland Yard.

She’ll have Sarita Jones (the sexy Q to Alex’s Bond) helping her, as well a her mentor DS Mike Long, who’s not sure what he makes of the fact that she’s going to be his boss one day.

Will they solve the murder, prevent the same crime from occurring in another version of London, and get back before closing time?


If you like Ben Aaronovitch, Jodi Taylor or Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter’s Long Earth series, this is the perfect book for you – or it will be when it’s published in about nine months!


If you want to follow my progress writing this book, here are some links:

  • My progress page on this blog, where I’ll be updating my daily word count spreadsheet each day.
  • My rationale for doing this crazy novel in a week thing.
  • My Pinterest board with ideas and inspiration for aspects of the book.
  • The #novelinaweek hashtag
  • My Facebook Page, where I’ll be posting updates and (if I find time) maybe the occasional video showing me working hard.
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