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I’ve got a new book out (sort of)…

When is a new book release not a new book release?

When it’s a relaunch.

I’ve been getting lots of reader feedback about Exile, which came to a head when I told someone I’d written a post-apocalyptic novel and he said ‘ooh, zombies!’

It seems that surviving catastrophic floods, walking hundreds of miles to safety and then forging a new life in a community of refugees that’s under constant attack from the local population isn’t what’s expected of post-apocalyptic these days. And in fact the kernel of the story in Exile is actually not about the floods at all, but about the tensions in the Dyer family and the way they’re heightened by Ruth’s disappearance.

So it got me thinking about whether Exile is being targeted at the wrong genre. It’s really more of a psychological thriller.

The beauty of publishing on Amazon is that you can easily move a book to a different category, so I did just that. However, Exile just looked plain wrong in that category. Its title and cover are designed to tell the reader that it’s a post-apocalyptic novel.

So I decided that it needed a new title and a new cover, plus some editing work to bring it more in line with reader expectations in the psychological thriller genre.

Ta-dah! A new book

Thicker Than Water book coverSo here it is. Thicker Than Water is the re-released version of Exile. Here’s the blurb:

Six years after floods made her family homeless, Jess Dyer has found safety on the wild North Yorkshire coast.

Ruth Dyer is forging a role as doctor to their community of refugees and the rock around which the family revolves.

But the family is haunted by memories of the journey north and the loss of their mother Sonia. And their community is under attack from the local population.
When Jess answers a distress call at sea, she brings strangers to their village and puts Ruth in jeopardy. Jess has to calm the community, mount a rescue mission and keep her brother Ben from tipping into insanity.

Will she succeed? 
And will she find Ruth before it’s too late?

Thicker Than Water is a gripping thriller about family, belonging and revenge.

If you haven’t read it yet, it’s on offer for the relaunch at 0.99 for the next few days. I’ve already seen a big boost in sales (more in the last two days than in the previous month), so I’m confident this was the right choice.

And it’s also helped me work out what I want to do with the book’s sequel, which will be a psychological thriller about trust, lies and secrets from the past. That will be out in the new year so watch this space, and sign up to my newsletter to be alerted when it’s released.


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