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I’ve gone wide!

No, I haven’t been eating too many cakes.

In this case, ‘going wide’ means I’ve published my books to a wider selection of stores. Instead of being exclusive to Amazon, you can now get my ebooks from Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Google Play and Apple iBooks.

Not everything has moved across yet – the Division Bell trilogy has moved but Thicker Than Water and Sea of Lies are still exclusive to Amazon for the time being. That’s my next job!

All of my ebooks will still be available on Amazon of course, and I expect most of my sales to come form there – Amazon is by far the biggest book retailer in the US and UK. But in other parts of the world (including Canada), other retailers are more dominant.

If you’re using an iPad, a Kobo reader, a Nook or the Google Play store to read books, you can now choose the device on which you read my books.

To buy A House Divided, follow this link and choose the store you want to be directed to. On most stores it’s easy to find the rest of the books in the series from there.

And if you’re interested in following my journey going wide, you can find out what it all involves on my nonfiction blog.

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