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Is Westminster the sleaziest workplace in the UK?

We’ve seen a lot of sleazy politicians lately.

From Trump and his advisors and their dodgy dealings with Russia, through the growing list of MPs who’ve sexually harassed their colleagues, to the Paradise Papers and the barely-legal tax dealings of the rich and powerful, there seem to be some pretty unsavoury people at the top.

In my second novel, A House Divided, there are some untrustworthy politicians. Lying, backstabbing and betraying their former friends and colleagues. But then, that’s fiction, and people in most thrillers behave like that.

The Weinstein revelations showed us that it isn’t just politics where powerful men prey on those with less power than them – it seems that anywhere where there’s power, it’s bound to happen (which might explain why things have been quiet in the Lib Dem camp so far).

So maybe Westminster isn’t any worse than other workplaces – it’s just that it’s easier for the media to shine a spotlight on it once things come to light. Hopefully Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn will follow through on their promises to clean up their parties, and rather than being the den of iniquity we assume Westminster to be, it can change and set an example.

In A House Divided there isn’t any sexual harassment – maybe I’ve missed a trick. But the protagonist is accused of sexual misconduct – I won’t tell you whether she’s guilty or not! And I am working on a sequel, which features sexual exploitation in a relationship where there’s a huge power imbalance.

Anyway I’d better stop now – spoilers! I’ll get back to the writing – I have 30,000 words still to write in November so I need to get my head down. See you soon!

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