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Creating characters for my #novelinaweek

It’s now Day Three in my #novelinaweek challenge, and it’s going well. I haven’t keeled over yet!

Today I’m going to tell you a bit about the characters in the book I’m writing.

If you read Saturday’s post, you’ll already know what the book’s about, and you’ll have been very briefly introduced to my characters.

But they don’t really come to life until they walk out of the page and into my head, as I write. That’s one of the most fun bits of writing – making new friends (Yeah, I know that sounds corny as hell).

I’ve been busy thinking about my characters in the run up to this, adding details of what they look like, what they wear and where they live to my Pinterest board, and I can even share some photos to give you an idea of how I see them in my head.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the three main characters of Murder in the Multiverse:

Alex Strand

Alex is 24 years old and on track to become the Met’s youngest and geekiest Detective Inspector.

She’s got curly red hair which she hates but everyone else compliments her on. She’s clever – with a 2:1 in Physics – but doesn’t like to draw attention to it.

She has a secret. Her mum died when she was nineteen and in her first year of university, something that she still hasn’t come to terms with. But what her colleagues at the Met don’t know is that her mum didn’t die of a long illness, like she told them, but was killed after a burglary at the family home in Gretna Green went very wrong.

Alex thinks she has kept this secret, and that she can use the universe-hopping technology to find out about her mum’s death and maybe meet another version of her mum. Whether she’s right about either of those things is another matter entirely…

Sarita Jones

Sarita is four years older than Alex and has been working at the Met (in a civilian role) for three years – or so Alex thinks. She’s a materials scientist, brought into the team to create tools that Alex and Mike can take through to parallel universes without them disintegrating or blowing up in their faces.

She’s got a sharp tongue and doesn’t suffer fools gladly, but she can be warm and funny when she lets her guard down.

She grew up in Swansea and likes to joke that she was the only gay in the village. She much prefers living and working in London and never goes home, much to her family’s dismay.

She has her own tragic secret which she won’t tell Alex, and isn’t quite what she seems…

Mike Long

Mike was one of the first people to travel to parallel universes as part of the Multiverse Investigations Unit, and is still freaked out by the experience now.

Recruited for his technical skills and what the powers that be thought was his cool head under pressure, he leaned on his former partner, DS Shelley Peters, more than he likes to admit.

But Shelley was lost on a mission to Parallel 5, the version of London ‘we don’t like to talk about.’ He still hasn’t told anyone what happened or whether Shelley is alive or dead.

He’s not entirely happy about Alex joining him. He knows that she’ll be his boss if she gets through the Inspector training programme, and refuses to let her replace Shelley. But he’s a good guy, and knows he has to stop her making stupid mistakes.

In certain universes his beard mysteriously dematerialises. Don’t point it out to him. It really pisses him off.


So those are my main characters. I’m already having fun running around London with them in my head and on the page, and will continue to do so for the next six days!


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