Rachel McLean

– Thrillers That Make You Think

Divided We Stand

Britain is a country under surveillance. Neighbours spy on neighbours. Schools enforce loyalty to the state. And children are encouraged to inform on their parents.

Disgraced MP Jennifer Sinclair has earned her freedom but returns home to find everything changed: her elder son in detention, her husband consumed by bitterness, and her neighbours spying on her.

Rita Gurumurthy has failed to prove her loyalty and is sent to a high security prison. When a sympathetic guard helps her escape she becomes a fugitive, forced to go into hiding.

To reunite her family and win freedom for her son and her friend, Jennifer must challenge her old colleague and rival, the new Prime Minister Catherine Moore.

Will Catherine listen to reason and remove the country from its yoke of fear and suspicion? Or will Jennifer have to reveal the secret only she knows about Catherine, and risk plunging the country into turmoil?

Divided We Stand is a gripping thriller that explores an alternative version of modern Britain, in which the state will go to extreme lengths to resist perceived threats.

Part Three of the Division Bell trilogy