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‘A House Divided’ and ‘Divide and Rule’ just 0.99 for Christmas

Good news!

If you’re looking to fill your kindle or e-reader with books this Christmas, I have a treat for you.

A House Divided and Divide and Rule are just 0.99 each in ebook for the next few days.

Over half the people who’ve read any of my books have read A House Divided, but not all of them have read the other two books in the trilogy. So if that’s you and you haven’t read Book 2 yet, now’s your chance to grab it at cut price.

A House Divided by Rachel McLean cover

What if the government you served came for your son?

Terrorist attacks have struck at the heart of government.
The Prime Minister has drawn up secret plans to erode civil liberties and target Muslims.
And one woman stands in his way.

Jennifer Sinclair, ambitious government minister and loving wife & mother to a Muslim husband and sons, must decide where her loyalties lie.

Can she stop the Prime Minister before he tears the country apart?
And will she betray her friends and colleagues to save her family?

Find out in this gripping political thriller being described as ‘eerily prescient’.

Divide and Rule by Rachel McLean

Can you prove your loyalty to the state?

Jennifer Sinclair’s fight to save her political career, her family and her freedom has failed. Traumatised by prison violence, she agrees to transfer to the mysterious British Values Centre.

Rita Gurumurthy has betrayed her country and failed the children in her care. Unlike Jennifer, she has no choice, but finds herself in the centre against her will.

Both women are expected to conform, to prove their loyalty to the state and to betray everything they hold dear. One attempts to comply, while the other rebels. Will either succeed in regaining her freedom?

Divide and Rule is 1984 for the 21st century – a chilling thriller examining the ruthless measures the state will take to ensure obedience, and the impact on two women.

And of course if you want to fill your boots, there’s always the final part in the trilogy: Divided We Stand. It isn’t on offer but if you buy it along with the other two you get the whole set for a knockdown price.

Happy Christmas and Happy Reading!

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